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Process/Ship Meat Year-Round

Rhodes Taxidermy is located in Kerrville, Texas and is owned by Gary Broach.

On-Site Meat Processing Facility

Our processing facility produces the finest sausage, jerky, steaks, burger, roasts and chili meat in the area. We can fine tune the taste of any meats to your specifications such as spiciness. We process and ship meat year-round.
Basic Processing
(Steaks, Burger, Roast, Chili Meat, etc.)
Deer & Antelope $100.00 min.
Deer over 80 Lbs $1.25 Per lb.
Hogs $60.00 min.
Hogs over 50 lbs. $1.25 Per lb.
- - Deer & Hogs Skinning Included - -
Large Animals ( Buffalo, Elk, Etc. ) $1.25 Per lb. after Minimum + Skinning
Quartered Bone In Venison $1.50 Per lb.
Sausage & Cured Meats Price
Jerky $30.00 Per Ham, $15.00 Per backstrap
Stix $7.00 Per pound
Dry Ring $5.50 Per lb., 20 lb. Minimum
Salami $5.00 Per lb.
Summer Sausage $5.00 Per lb., 20 lb. Minimum
Smoke Ring 50/50 $4.50 Per lb.
Pan Sausage 50/50 $4.00 Per lb.
Add Cheese $0.50 Per lb.
Additional Services Price
Vacuum Pak $0.75 Per lb.
Add Beef fat $2.00 Per lb.
Add Brisket $6.00 Per lb.
Cure Deer Ham $35.00
Curing Bacon or Ham $2.50 Per lb.
Bacon Wrap Filets $1.25 each
Jalapeno Rollups $1.25 each
Supplies Price
Lean Pork $4.00Per lb.
Casings $30.00 set
String $30.00 Per Roll
Spice (Makes 50 lbs.) $10.00 Per Bag
Curing Salt $3.00 Per lb.
Dry Ice $2.50 Per lb
Freezer Boxes $30.00
Skinning Price
Oryx/Red Deer $75.00-$100.00
Buffalo $175.00
Elk $100.00-$125.00
Deer for Shoulder $25.00
Other Services Price
Stew Meat $12.00 Per Ham
Tenderizing $10.00 Per Ham & up
Grinding & Wrapping $1.50 Per lb.
Grinding Only $1.25 Per lb.
Donate Deer $50.00 & up
Field Dress $50.00 & up